[Marxism] Stan Goff comments on Fahrenheit 9/11 critiques

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Thu Jul 8 14:51:49 MDT 2004

Subject:        	RE: [Marxism] Stan Goff comments on Fahrenheit 9/11 critiques
Date sent:      	Thu, 8 Jul 2004 12:44:10 -0700
From:           	"Craven, Jim" <JCraven at clark.edu>

> fawning over "our troops", as Michael Moore does, who are also
> personally responsible for signing up to become tools/dupes of U.S.
> imperialism in order to finance their college educations and/or find
> work has to be exposed--as I have done in my own case as a former dupe
> and tool of U.S. imperialism and as Bob Jensen did in his critique. This
> notion that anyone in the U.S. military is fighting for any kind of
> "freedom", other than for the "freedom" of U.S. imperialism to plunder
> and rape the world, needs to be exposed; I for one am sick and tired of
> seeing some opportunism and sycophancy--among elements of the U.S.
> left--in pandering to some of the obvious illusions that many in the
> U.S. military have about what they are really doing and for whom they
> are doing it--no matter what the class backgrounds and reasons for
> joining of some in the military.

  He wasn't fawning over the troops. 
He showed how young Americans (many barely adults)
put their lives at risk for the ruling elite. He looked at how factors, 
like  race and class, play into this. And apart from the false belief  
expressed by many of the soldiers in the interviews as to the 
righteousness of the cause, I didn't see Moore suggesting AT ALL 
that the troops were fighting for freedom. 

Obviously, when you're interviewing a group of U.S. soliders in Iraq, 
you are not going to start lecturing them about being tools of 


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