[Marxism] F9/11

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Jul 8 16:17:07 MDT 2004

>Mr Moore is enthusing the anti-Bush movement and that is a problem for 
John Kerry. Mr Kerry knows that in order to win, he has to appeal to 
middle America which means distancing himelf from his Massachusetts 
liberal background ... Michael Moore will help John Kerry to pile up 
huge majorities in Georgetown, Hollywood and Manhattan. But in Michigan,

Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania, there will be a lot of disapproval. 
Many voters will turn against those whom they suspect of not only trying

to trash the president, but American values and America itself. Whatever

his own objectives, Michael Moore could help George Bush to be
re-elected. --Bruce Anderson, The Independent

>From reports about the audiences, however, and from the box office
receipts, it looks like F9/11 is actually drawing plenty of people from
'Middle America', including in towns with military bases and including
military families themselves.

That opens up a whole new audience for the left.  Whether the left is
capable of taking advantage of that is another question, however.  If
they aren't, they can hardly blame Moore.

I'm sure we all have our criticisms of Moore's stuff - I found 'Bowling
for Columbine' way too rambling and lacking in clarity, but I loved
'Roger and Me'.  In any case, the far left could certainly learn a lot
from the man about making good propaganda that connects with the masses.


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