[Marxism] Stan Goff comments on Fahrenheit 9/11 critiques

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Thu Jul 8 17:54:15 MDT 2004

  Something you wrote caught my attention  . . You wrote,

  "Many who signed up, and even initially wanted to go to the Gulf (hard to
get a CIB or "war credentials/medals"
  necessary for real advancement these days) . . ."

  What evidence do you have that "war credentials/medals" are necessary for
"real advancement".  I confess that I also don't know exactly what you mean
by "real advancement". On the one hand everyone acknowledges that the
majority of front line soldiers are from working  class  or lumpen
background (i.e, the permanently unemployable that capitalism needs) and are
disproportionately representative of minorities.  Do these "credentials"
really provide them the possibility of real advancement in the society as a
whole?  Is there some evidence that this is the case in a significant way?
I also wonder if  young people from the other end of the social/economic
pyramid need such credentials to achieve "real advancement".

  Paul H. Dillon

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