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A' Bhratach Dhearg - 5 
e-newsletter of the SRSM




Scottish Republican Socialist Movement
21/ 23 Shuna Place, 
G20 9ED 

the_srsm at hotmail.com 




1) Towards a Republican Agenda for Scotland
2) Latest SWR Online Now
3) Other Events

4) Donations


1)  Towards a Republican Agenda for Scotland          


Sat July 10, 7pm            


Scottish Republican Convention

Shuna Island Social & Recreation Centre       

21-23 Shuna Place, Ruchill, Glasgow    


The line-up of speakers has been confirmed. Unfortunately Eric Canning of the 
Communist Party of Scotland is unable to attend due to another engagement, 
however he passes on his best wishes and requests to be kept informed of future 
events. The good news is that we still have a quality line-up of speakers 
(below) on a range of topics. Shuna Island has been transformed due to the work of 
volunteers, to paint, furnish, install sound eqpt, stage, lighting, bar and 


All members and supporters are urged to make the effort to attend and ensure 
that the Scottish Republican Convention gets off to a great start. Anyone 
wishing to sacrifice an hour of their time to help on the door or bar should 
contact us at the_srsm at hotmail.com For those who cannot make it there is 
information at the end of this mail on how to make a donation to help cover costs.






Socialists and the Westminster Parliament

Tommy Sheridan 


"My oath is to the People" 

Rosie Kane 


The Resurgence of the Basque Left

Lloyd Quinan 


The SNP and Republicanism

Bill Kidd 


The Scottish Radical Tradition and Today’s Struggle

Gerry Cairns 
The Importance of Irish-Scottish solidarity in our Common Struggle against 
the British State
Stephen Coyle


Scoraich/ Social

Live Entertainment inc:
Gerry MacGregor * 
Whisky Devils

Tickets £5, available now from Shuna Island.
All Messages of Solidarity welcome



2) SWR Online Now

The Spring Edition 2004 of the Scottish Workers Republic is now online.


 - - - - - - 



No Dispersal of Irish POWs


Entrenching Support For Independence  by   Gerry Cairns


Open Letter to SSP Activists 


The SSP & Ireland’s Occupied 6-Counties   by Peter Urban 

Co-operation to Fight Labour Closures    by  Paul Mahon

Clanship, Duthchas & Culloden  by Domhnaidh Friseil


Nepal: The People’s War   by John Mitchell

A History of Na Fianna Eireann in Alba    by Stephen Coyle





Why I Choose Red
by Hugh MacDiarmid

I fight in red for the same reasons
That Garibaldi chose the red shirt
- Because a few men in a field wearing red
Look like many men - if there are ten you will think 
There are a hundred; if a hundred
You will believe them a thousand.
And the colour of red dances in the enemy’s rifle sights,
And his aim will be bad - But best reason of all,
A man in a red shirt can neither hide nor retreat.




3) Other Events

SCND Faslane Big Blockade
23 August 2004


4) Donations 

all donations can be made straight to the SRSM bank account

Bank of Scotland,
Glasgow Cross Branch,
2 Trongate,
G1 5ET,

Sort code 808344,
A/C 00102747

SRSM website


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