[Marxism] Herman Melville on the difference between capitalism and primitive communism

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Fri Jul 9 15:12:16 MDT 2004

Finally Destutt de Tracy, the fish-blooded bourgeois doctrinaire, blurts out
brutally: "In poor nations the people are comfortable, in rich nations they
are generally poor." [30]


From: Louis Proyect


What a striking evidence does this operation furnish of the wide

difference between the extreme of savage and civilized life. A

gentleman of Typee can bring up a numerous family of children and

give them all a highly respectable cannibal education, with

infinitely less toil and anxiety than he expends in the simple

process of striking a light; whilst a poor European artisan, who

through the instrumentality of a lucifer performs the same

operation in one second, is put to his wit's end to provide for

his starving offspring that food which the children of a

Polynesian father, without troubling their parents, pluck from

the branches of every tree around them.

full: http://www.online-literature.com/melville/typee/16/ 

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