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Subject: Israeli interrogators in Iraq - An exclusive report


Israeli interrogators in Iraq - An exclusive report

At least one aspect of the occupation of Iraq was well planned by
Washington. The USA needed help conducting mass interrogations of
Arabic-speaking detainees. Foreign Report can now reveal that, to make up
for this shortfall, the USA employed Israeli security service (Shin Bet)
experts to help their US counterparts 'break' their captives.

The USA could have approached other friendly regimes in the Middle East,
such as Egypt or Jordan, which have vast experience interrogating Muslim
fundamentalists. The Israelis may be brilliant linguists, but they cannot
match Arabs speaking their own language. But there is a significant
difference between the Egyptian and Jordanian interrogation techniques and
those of the Israelis. For the Egyptian and Jordanian secret services,
physical torture is an essential part of interrogation and a key element in
breaking the prisoner's will and making them co-operative.

In the past, Shin Bet would use torture when it interrogated prisoners. But
20 years ago, an Israeli government committee investigated the security
service's practices and the use of torture was subsequently banned, forcing
Shin Bet to adopt a variety of techniques that did not cause physical
damage. These new methods are much more palatable to US sensibilities. They
also brought faster and more convincing results.

Cui Bono?

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