[Marxism] ISO and Iraqi Resistance

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Which Side is the ISO on, Working Class Socialism or
Nationalism and Islamism?

By Mahmood Ketabchi
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July 8, 2004

On July 2, 2004, Socialist Worker, carried an article called “Why you should support the opposition to the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the right to resist” in which Eric Ruder responds to questions regarding “Iraqi resistance.” 

In this article, Eric Ruder talks about “Iraqi resistance to occupation” and analyzes the make up and characteristics of the “resistance.” He sees the armed resistance of Islamists and nationalists as justified and therefore, prescribes that anyone who supports freedom should support Islamist and nationalist movements in Iraq.    

As usual, under the rubric of “supporting the opposition to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq,” the ISO continues to deny class and class struggle in Iraq, and lends its rabid support to Iraqi nationalist and Islamist forces.  In the entire article of 2,260 words, there is not even one word about Iraqi working class struggle for freedom and equality or the tremendous efforts by Iraqi workers who are fighting under incredibly harsh and brutal conditions to organize their ranks against the US occupation and capitalist exploitation of Iraqi workers.   You will not find one word about the women’s liberation movement that opposes the US government, violence against women, misogynism, and all brutal laws and regulations that turn women into subhumans. There is nothing about the squatters’ movement for decent housing and a better life.  There is no word of communism, socialism, unionism, workers’ councils, neighborhood committees, workers rights, women’s freedom, equality, secularism, etc.        

Iraq is a capitalist society with class and class struggle and ongoing social movements and real social and political forces representing Iraqi workers and capitalists. Iraqi workers and women have a long and valiant history of progressive and powerful struggle for freedom and equality.  Every page in the history of Iraq in the last century reflects the aspiration and hopes of the Iraqi masses for communism and socialism.  Only the bourgeoisie opportunism of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) stopped Iraqi workers after the1958 revolution from undertaking the “forbidden” task of taking political power in their hands.

Full Text: http://www.wpiraq.net/english/index.htm

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