[Marxism] Why Does Fahrenheit 9/11 Pursue Conspiracy Theory?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Jul 9 19:18:26 MDT 2004

I am in agreement with about 98%-99% of what Yoshie posts...and about
90% of what Louis posts, but I absolutely disagree with the criticisms
of Fahrenheit 9/11.  

The Saudi connections--and Moore might have been discussing the Koreans
or the Chinese, as well--underscores the inconsistencies of the
hyper-American rhetoric of the Bush administration.  What counts is
capital not nationality.

Further, the atrocities discussed in the film were products of the Bush
II administration, not the Kerry administration.  Yes, the Democrats
were happily playing second fiddle on this, but it was a second fiddle.
By choice, they opted to be superfluous to the clique now in power.

Finally, the medium itself requires a certain amount of personalization
and conveys emotional appeals far better than intellectual arguments.
I've rarely seen good documentaries about disembodied social forces,
though several Nova programs on PBS came close in discussing such things
as mathematical formulae.  Mind you, it's not my forte, which is why I
stick to academic writing.  Then again, when that sort of thing reaches
audiences in the thousands0--much less the tens of millions--we might
discuss the shortcomings of Moore's approach.

Mark L.

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