Nostalgia for old regimes (was: Re: [Marxism] A critique of Genovese

B. Castleberry bcastleberry1hsd at
Fri Jul 9 22:43:47 MDT 2004

Lou Paulsen wrote:

 >This sort of plantation nostalgia is a constantly recurring theme in 
 >U.S. culture.

And not only in the South.  After the Civil War, wealthy northern 
industrialists bought up every one of the ruined plantations here in the 
Tallahassee - Thomasville area and turned them into quail-hunting 
preserves.  Where did the former owners go, if they still lived?  Texas, 
of course.  The "big houses" display photographs of visiting Presidents, 
Congressmen and British Royalty.

A good effort at reconstructing, "The World the Slaves made" is under 
way at the Cane River National Historic Park:

It is painful to African-Americans house-hunting in the South that so 
many subdivisions are called "(insert rustic name) Plantation".

A word on Virgil Caine.  Men like him often despised and were oppressed 
by the Southern gentry, would-be Cavaliers.  Every time I see a moldy 
set of the complete works of Sir Walter Scott donated to our library, I 
know that a scion of one of these families has died.  Think Sydney 
Greenstreet as Sheriff Titus Semple in, "Flamingo Road", or Big Daddy 
in, "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof".

I remember The Band playing this song at Carter's victory party in 1976.


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