[Marxism] Bob Sutcliffe's book on imperialism

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sat Jul 10 06:03:54 MDT 2004

Bob Sutcliffe,  Imperialism After Imperialism: Explaining International
Inequality. Price: £12.95
22 x 14; Paperback : 30 June 2004 : I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd : 1850438323

The concept of imperialism has been used for many decades to explain human
relations on a global scale as an international system of inequality,
oppression and conflict. Bob Sutcliffe's new book re-examines the disputes
that have in the past surrounded the concept of imperialism and critically
assesses the usefulness of the term in the light of recent changes in the
world economy and international system. '

The book is divided into three parts. Part one sets out the main theoretical
debates about imperialism from the mid-19th century onwards. Its principal
aim is to clarify disputed questions rather than simply to re-expound the
views of major writers on the topic. Part two looks at different versions of
the claim that in the contemporary world imperialism has disappeared. Part
three looks at a series of important recent changes in global relations,
bringing out their implications for the theory of imperialism, and
summarizing a large body of empirical evidence on the subject of
international inequality and oppression.

In addition, the later chapters in this section outline the consequences for
a theory of imperialism of a number of developments in social and political
thought in other fields (including feminism, ecology and post-modernism) and
of recent major political events. In this book Sutcliffe argues that, while
many of the contemporary objections to the theory of imperialism are valid,
it is impossible to dispense with a suitably adapted version of the concept.
In the late 20th century imperialism remains an essential instrument for
understanding the world and its inequalities and conflicts.

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