[Marxism] ISO and Iraqi Resistance

Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Sat Jul 10 10:28:13 MDT 2004

As usual, under the rubric of “supporting the opposition to the U.S. 
Occupation of Iraq,” the ISO continues to deny class and class struggle in Iraq, and 
lends its rabid support to Iraqi nationalist and Islamist forces

The above comments, and your entire piece, reveal a lack of understanding as 
to the part played in the struggle in Iraq by prevailing material conditions 
and how these conditions effect how the struggle should be waged and viewed. I 
myself have many differences with the ISO on many topics, but on this I agree 
with their analysis. At this stage in Iraq the main thing is resistance by any 
means at their disposal. These people are fighting for the life of their 
country, to expel a brutal invader of vastly superior strength and resources, 
intent on the rape and plunder of material and human resources. However they 
choose to express their reasons for resistance at this desperate stage - whether it 
is nationalism, religious extremism or socialism - is not important. The only 
important thing is resistance to a common enemy: namely US imperialism. Once 
they have defeated this enemy, then the battle for ideas, for socialism versus 
islamism, etc. should and will have to take place. Of course, even at 
present, socialists and communists should continue to organize and educate the people 
around socialist doctrine. But not at the cost of unity and effectiveness 
against their invader.

There are many examples down through history of communists joining with 
nationalists and other forces when faced with a common enemy. It happened in China, 
in Vietnam, in Ireland, and in France during the Second World War, when 
French communists fought alongside the Maquis.

No, what we see in Iraq today is the initial stage of a struggle for 
independence. I'm not sure what the strength of the Iraqi Communist Party is there. I 
have heard that they've split, with one faction joining the insurgency and the 
other supporting the interim govt. The one which has joined the govt. against 
the insurgency I think will live to regret that decision. They will, once the 
war is over, find themselves consigned to the garbage heap of history.



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