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Subject: [Marxism] ISO and Iraqi Resistance

Which Side is the ISO on, Working Class Socialism or
Nationalism and Islamism?

By Mahmood Ketabchi
mekchi at msn.com
July 8, 2004

>As usual, under the rubric of “supporting the opposition to the U.S. Occupation >of Iraq,” the ISO continues to deny class and class struggle in Iraq, and lends >its rabid support to Iraqi nationalist and Islamist forces. In the entire article of >2,260 words, there is not even one word about Iraqi working class struggle for >freedom and equality or the tremendous efforts by Iraqi workers who are >fighting under incredibly harsh and brutal conditions to organize their ranks >against the US occupation and capitalist exploitation of Iraqi workers. You will >not find one word about the women’s liberation movement that opposes the US >government, violence against women, misogynism, and all brutal laws and >regulations that turn women into subhumans. There is nothing about the >squatters’ movement for decent housing and a better life. There is no word of >communism, socialism, unionism, workers’ councils, neighborhood >committees, workers rights, women’s freedom, equality, secularism,

Of all the photographs to come out of the US war against Iraq, the one that moves me the most was the grieving father, with his two young children laying in coffins, who were killed either by US bombs or cruise missles. My question to Comrade Mahmood, is do you have any doubt this man is part of the armed resistance? If I were him, after burying my children my first act would be to contact the resistance, and ask two questions: "where is my weapon, and where do you need me?" How many of the resistance fighters have taken up arms, not in the name of Islamic fundamentalism, or bourgesoie, nationalism, but to avenge the deaths of family members?

Socialist Worker, the ISO's newspaper has had articles on the workers movement in Iraq, and I believe on the women's movement also. Regarding the struggles you raised,  please be aware that most of us in the US left, including the ISO aren't aware of these struggles. Most of the excellent reporting by liberal journalists, while critical of the US invasion, and sympathetic to the sufferring of the Iraqi people, don't provide coverage on many of these struggles, especially those that are class based.

Have any supporters of the Workers Communist Party of Iraq, in Iraq, or in exile considered submitting non-polemical informative articles on these struggles? Or if you want to be polemical the letters to the editor section of most left papers, including Socialist Worker print oppossing points of view.

The ISO recently had their national meeting in Chicago. Did any WCPI supporters in the US or Canada attend, and raise your differences in the numerous workshops? For that matter did the WCPI ask to be invited, share what is happening in Iraq, and debate some of these issues. If finances for travel was an issue, did the WCPI ask for help to defray travel expense to the US? 

In conclusion, I call on WCPI supporters, to first off, share information on what is happenning in Iraq, and to debate differences with the international left in a comradely matter.


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