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Sat Jul 10 17:55:03 MDT 2004

Gorbachev gave away his country and his people, and look at the result. Are 
the Russian people better off today under a capitalist system, that's reduced 
the lives of the majority to a bare existence, than they were with social 
services, housing, jobs, education and, most important of all, some semblance of 

That the Soviet Union had become overly laden with bureacracy, inefficiency 
and centralized govt is correct. However, rather than give his nation away and 
abandon altogether the struggle for socialism, Gorbachev should have gone out 
to improve it, to attack the bureaucracy, the careerism, etc. He should have 
attempted to politicize the people, let them know what was happening and why 
they had to get involved in order to save their socialist system.

This is what the Cuban govt did during the special period, when most 
so-called 'experts' were convinced it would collapse along with the Soviet Union. It 

Ultimately, you simply cannot compare one socialist country to another. Each 
develops according to unique objective and material conditions which each is 
faced with. Cuba is a nation under siege. The huge external pressures brought 
to bear against it by the US have largely determined its development. It shall 
never develop past the stage of a deformed workers state until that pressure 
is removed. And this is the job of socialist and socialist groups within the 
US, I believe. To work to try work to remove this pressure, which is economic, 
political and military.

However, that said, Cuba in its present stage of development as a socialist 
country, is a far more humane, just and healthy society than that of any of its 
neighbours. Haiti, Dominican Republic...look at the state of any of them 
compared to Cuba and you will see the difference between socialist planning and 
independence and capitalist servitude and chaos.



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