[Marxism] More on Morales explusion from COB

Fred Fuentes fuentf01 at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Sat Jul 10 21:43:52 MDT 2004

Particularly interesting is Solares (leader of COB) comment;
"the working class no longer has in its rows treasonous people [ie Morales]
who have made a problem for the union to arrive at a certain political
party". Again apologies for rushed translation.

The sabotage of strikes and mobilizations from the Workers Union, the
defense of the pro-oil referendum and support to the neoliberal
government of Mesa has made the expulsion of the cocaleros' deputy
Morales necessary.
Econoticiasbolivia.com and the La Paz Press, July 9, 2004.
The executive secretary of Central Bolivian Obrera (COB), Jaime Solares,
announced yesterday the expulsion of the leader of MAS and of the six
federations of coca growers of  Cochabamba, Evo Morales, for "traitor",
"vendepatria" and "Mesista".  The decision was confirmed Wednesday by
the "enlarged meeting" of the Executive of the COB without having taken
the case of Morales previously to a court of union discipline.  Solares
announced the "expulsion with ignominy" only yesterday.  The permanent
secretary of the COB, Pedro Cruz, admitted the existence of the
disciplinary court to judge to the affiliated leaders and of the COB and
that Morales was not summoned on this instance so that he could defend
the actions which supposedly it incurred.  Cruz explained that the
imposed penalty obeys to the fact that "Evo Morales stopped being a
union militant", as well "for his attitude" and "the duality of his
functions".  However, Jaime Solares said that the expulsion was applied
because the deputy and head of the MAS "is a traitor to the working
class", "vendepatria" and "Mesista".  "the working class no longer has
in its rows treasonous people who have made a problem for the union to
arrive at a certain political party (...) that at the top of Evo Moral
rises the neoliberal car of Mesa", explained Solares.  The Secretary
General of
the COB, Luis Choquetijlla added that the decision assumed by the unions
at national level was ratifying he assumed by departmental extending in
the city of Oruro that determined to expel Morales with ignominy for
treason and servililty to the government.  "Morales is being sanctioned
by being expelled with ignominy so that he never rises again as a leader
of the social organizations", Choquetijlla said.  Morales have become
the main ally of the neoliberal government of Mesa, that assumed power
in October, 2003, after the overthrow of ex- president Gonzalo Sanchez
de Lozada.  Since then, with the support of Morales, Mesa has continued
with the neoliberal policies defined by the World Bank and the
International Monetary Fund.  The parliamentary deputy and coca grower
has also endorsed the referendum of the 18 of July, that is being fought
by the COB and the social organizations because it does not include
nationalization and because it will only legitimize the total control
who have the oil foreigners on the gas and petroleum.  In the recent
past, Morales had instruido the boycott and the strikes and
manifestations of the COB. Consulted on his expulsion, Morales said he
had not received an official communication, which was the reason why he
would not speak more, until knowing more details about the decision of
the unions and the rank and file.

Evo wants to send Solares to Mental Asylum
The head of the MAS, Evo Morales, said that the leader of the COB, Jaime
Solares, is a crazy person and needs psychiatric treatment.  After being
expelled from the COB, Morales accused Solares of being a puppet of ex-
president Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and of the Embassy of the United
States becasue of his attempts to make the Referendum fail.  "I am
thinking a diet of a month to dedicate to our brother Solares, to send
him to Sucre (to the mental asylum), because it is a madness what he is
Solares responded ':  "That I am crazy could be true, but I am not a
traitor and "sinvergüenza" like him, I am not "an original scatterbrain".
Solares noted that not even with US marines will they be able to avoid
the boycott of the social organizations to the referendum.
The COB pronouced that the week coming will be one of mobilizations
against the Referendum.  The slogan to boycott the popular consultation
was ratified.  This Monday, the leaders will organise two opened town
halls in El Alto and the city of La Paz to determine new coordinated

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