[Marxism] Re: More on Morales explusion from COB

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jul 11 03:47:29 MDT 2004

This stuff sounds like a very, very bad development in Bolivia, and an
advantage for the military coup plotters.  A genuine deep split in the
mass movement is just what they are looking for.
For all I know, Morales may have gone too far in making concessions to
Mesa, but the response of the COB leadership does have a destructive, if
not crazy, ring to it.  The "trial," the conviction of treason, and the
expulsion not only of Morales but the coca growers unions that still
support him has the ring of blind factionalism that does not have its
roots in the interests of the workers and peasants but in sectarian
The COB is a fighting workers organization, but for quite a few decades
it has also been a happy hunting ground for the plethora of sects that
have arisen out of the complex Bolivian process with its many rounds of
revolution and counterrevolution.  This action has the ring of their
influence.  Unless there are some powerful counterforces at work, it is
hard to read this situation as anything but a gain for the
counterrevolution in Bolivia -- including a split between the workers
movement and a significant section of the oppressed peasants and Indian
>From this distance, it is hard to see how any good can come from this
split, especially the almost bizarrely factional tone adopted by the
leader of the COB.
Fred Feldman

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