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Moviment Graffitti is active against oppression and exploitation of 
people, environment and animals; with a vision of freedom and radical 

Moviment Graffitti's activism consists primarily of two strategies:

Direct Action. Moviment Graffitti is active in various areas such such 
as social justice and protection of the environment. This includes the 
years-long activism in local community struggles such as the Front 
Against the Hilton, Front Against the Golf Course and Save Kalkara 
Valley Front. This also activities for the emancipation of the working 
class (such as participation in demonstrations by progressive trade 
unions); peace and neutrality (such as activities against the visit of 
warships); civil rights (such as divorce and anti-sexism); human rights 
(such as the rights of asylum seekers); and animal rights (such as 
anti-furcoat protests). Moviment Graffitti has organised various 
activities that were concurrently taking place around the world. These 
include Workers' Day, Peace Marches, the World Anti McDonalds Day, as 
well as various activities against capitalist globalisation and in 
favour of global social justice.
Ideological Action. Moviment Graffitti considers ideology as having a 
vital role in order that leftitst and progressive visions may be 
proposed within social formations. Through public statements, articles, 
the publication of 'Graffitti' pamphlet as well as other methods of 
public relations, Moviment Graffitti expresses its ideology. Moviment 
Graffitti organises and also participates in seminars, discussions and 
civil society meetings. The Movement also organises cultural activities 
such as music, exhbitions, films and theatre.
Moviment Graffitti is autonomous from any political, economic and social 
force and practices radical democracy within its structures. It believes 
in the role of progressive alliances in order that the left may be 

Moviment Graffitti's structures include the weekly meeting for members 
within which decisions are taken; the University and Junior College 
Branch (FUJC); and the organisation of subcommittees in line with the 
Movement's requirements. Decisions are taken in a democratic manner 
among members who attend meetings. All members can propose issues for 
inclusion within the meetings' agenda. No leader exists within the 
Movment, and all members are volunteers.

For more information, or to join, contact Moviment Graffitti

info at movimentgraffitti.org

Moviment Graffitti, PO Box 24, Sliema, Malta


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