[Marxism] Re: The Nader Factor Revisited

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Mon Jul 12 07:15:38 MDT 2004

This was some unsolicited email I received.  I thought it was from the
pro-Kerry organization at www.WeHelpedStopBush.com  who signed it.  Now,
having looked at that Web site and not having seen anything like it there,
I'm not so sure.  Maybe it was a black op from GOP-aligned operatives.
However, based on the behavior of the Dems in dissing Nader elsewhere, maybe


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>  Who wrote the garbage below Jay's comments?
> From:           "Pieinsky" <pieinsky at igc.org>
> > This is red-baiting at its worst, a throw back to the days of Joe
> > Shame on you.  Stop this bullshit, if you want my vote.
> > At least get your history straight:  As a Trotskyist, Peter Camejo never
> > anything to do with the pro-Soviet Communist Party.
> >
> > jay moore
> > marshfield, vermont
> >

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