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Certainly, check out David Spiro's _Hidden Hand of American Hegemony:
Petrodollar Recycling and International Markets." It is about the 1974-75
oil shock.

Also check out Peter Gowan's _Global Gamble._  This is more about the
Federal Reserve and international financial crisis though.

You may find them useful. Gowan and Spiro do not use that kind of language
you are talking about...

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> For some inexplicable reason I am cyber-debating some American social
> democrat. He insists that the 1974-75 oil shock caused the US recession
> and (implicitly) US decline from hegemony and the good days. We three
> all disagree with each other on many questions but I *think* that we all
> agree that this theory is ridiculous. In his magnum opus that appeared
> in New Left Review in 1998, Brenner dismisses this argument out of hand
> by noting that the recession began in 1973 so the oil shock argument
> doesn't even make sense. He only spends one line on this though,
> dismissing it out of hand. Does anybody know any other good sources that
> don't use much dogmatic rhetoric?
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