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Mon Jul 12 21:24:21 MDT 2004

Delegation to Istanbul, Turkey in support of Tekin Tangun

Tekin Tangun, the chairman of TAYAD, the solidarity group for 
political prisoners in Turkey, was arrested on 19th February 2004. 
His arrest was the culmination of many years of harassment against 
him and his associates.    

His arrest was part of an elaborated plot to frame him.  It started 
with the arrest Erdogan Kaldi, who was arrested for putting up 
posters in support of prisoner's rights. Whilst in police custody 
Erdogan Kaldi was forced to make a statement against 148 persons 
including Tekin Tangun.  Afterwards Erdogan Kaldi withdrew his 
statement saying that he had only made it because he had been 
threatened with death if he hadn't.  But the state has chosen to 
ignore this fact and is claiming that the arrest of Tekin Tangun is 
lawful.  Tekin Tangun is now accused of being involved in acts 
of `terrorism' when in actual fact he has only ever been a committed 
fighter for the rights of prisoners and their families and an active 
member of the legal organization TAYAD     

We are calling upon the state to drop the prosecution and to release 
Tekin Tangun with immediate effect.   

On 30th July 2004 Tekin Tangun will appear in court in Istanbul to 
face charges. 
We believe that this prosecution is illegal.  We would like to invite 
you to participate as an observer.  We are not able to pay for 
flights or accomadation but we are able to accomadate you for free if 
you stay with families.  

This is the programme:
27 July 2004: Arrival 
28 July: Visit lawyers at the Peoples Law Bureau.  Visit the offices 
of TAYAD and the offices of the progressive journal Ekmek ve Adalet 
(Bread and Justice).
29 July: Visit to the Ýdil cultural center, families of massacred 
prisoners in Armutlu, Istanbul and ÇHD (association of contemporary 
30. July: court and press conference

Yours respectfully
International platform against isolation

Adress: Rue Stevin 190
1000 Brussels

Phone: 02-230 08 66
Fax : 0032-2-280 22 29
Mobile England 07932 375247
Mail: isolation at post.com

Internet : www.tayad.de

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