[Marxism] Juventud Rebelde on Howard Zinn's People's History

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Tue Jul 13 00:53:05 MDT 2004

(The Cuban edition of Howard Zinn's PEOPLE'S HISTORY OF
THE UNITED STATES hast just been published. The Cuban 
[The Other History of the United States]. Zinn came to
Cuba for the book launching. The following article was
published in Saturday's edition of the daily newspaper
JUVENTUD REBELDE [Rebel Youth] about the book. Cuba's
first edition of the book sold out immediately. Thanks
to Ana Portela who translated this for CubaNews list.)

The other history of the United States
By Fernando Rodriguez Sosa
Juventud Rebelde 
July 10, 2004

Howard Zinn declared, in an interview in 1998, that "I did
not dedicate myself to history because I wanted to be an
historian, or a scholar or an academician; not because I
wanted to write articles for scholarly journals, nor attend
academic conferences nor present papers to bored historians. 
I began studying history because, at eighteen, I was already 
a militant. I worked in a shipyard, organizing the young 
workers. This was my first contact with radical ideas (.) 
I was brought up with a class consciousness, an expression 
that is not common in the United States."

Words that, years later, were the reason to publish "A
People's History of the United States: 1492 to the present.
With more than twenty printings, it now appears in Cuba
with the title: The Other History of the United States
(Editorial Ciencias Sociales, Colleccion Una mirada a los
Estados Unidos, 530 pgs).

In twenty three chapters, Howard Zinn offers a new view of
United States history because, through his thoughts and
analyses, he exposes the view, that throughout time, the
official historiography of that country has related events
that conform the memory of the country. It is a study based
on the importance of the natives, workers, Blacks and poor,
in that history, of the ignored sectors of the society.

In the introduction to The Other History of the United
States, Alfredo Prieto expresses that it is "a mature book,
an option, the result of earnest reading, of facts and
actors taken from obscurity, of militancy, of study and
conflicts (.). Specialists and readers, in general, are
offered a burning view, like a stain in the mirror - but in
the end, true - of what has been and what is the United
States and how its history has been whitewashed in a broad

A political scientist, historian, playwright, Howard Zinn
(New York, 1922) is a renowned intellectual committed to
humanitarian ideals of today's world. A staunch critic of
the Vietnam War, his work as professor has been limited by
his active participation in social movements. His broad
scope of work includes, among other titles: his
the monologue, MARX IN SOHO.

With The Other History of the United States, Howard Zinn
reveals hidden facts of a nation, in a book that, through a
study of the past, leads to an understanding of the present
and future of a nation. An indispensable work to know,
understand and learn of the other (and real) history of the
United States.

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