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Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Tue Jul 13 00:15:29 MDT 2004

Cuba's development is largely the result of huge external pressure brought to 
bear on it by the US in the form of a low intensity war. It has always struck 
me as disgraceful that so-called socialists and progressives living outside 
Cuba would criticize or otherwise seek to undermine the courage and huge gains 
made by this tiny country. Cuba's internationalism is well known and continues 
to this day. They send thousands of medical professionals to work in the 
developing world. They supply tons of medicines without asking anything in return. 
They bring thousands of students from Africa, Latin America, and even the 
oppressed communities in the US, to study in Cuba free of charge.

This even while struggling against the economic and political might of the 
most powerful empire the world has ever known.

What more do the Cuban people and government have to do?

Objective and material conditions not of their choosing have determined 
Cuba's development. Perhaps those who slander it should take their noses out of 
books and start working to lessen the pressure placed on Cuba by an illegal, 
immoral and inhuman economic embargo.


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