[Marxism] Mesa for nationalising gas?

Fred Fuentes fuentf01 at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Tue Jul 13 03:34:55 MDT 2004

Despite no quotes to back it up, an amply evidence that MEsa has been going
around saying he will not nationalise gas this UPI update on Washington
Times website still titles itself "Mesa for nationalising gas". Then the
article talks about the unpopularity of nationalisation and goes on to
prove it by quoting Mesa as say if he nationalised through
expropriation...he would be the "most popular man alive". Make of it what
you will
La lucha continua

Mesa for nationalizing gas
LA PAZ, Bolivia, Jul. 12 (UPI) -- Bolivian president Carlos Mesa says he
wants the state to take a bigger role in exploiting energy resources but
not at  the risk of running the nation into debt.
On a national broadcast Sunday called "The President Puts the Issue on the
Table" Mesa said he believes they need to respect the contracts signed with
foreign countries for the extraction of natural gas and cannot afford to
expropriate them, as some unions have urged.
Mesa said that expropriation is a form of nationalization that would
require  the country to pay millions of dollars to multinational
"If I were to do that, I would bring the country into an enormous debt with
no way out," said Mesa.
He also said that foreign investments are necessary, especially since
multinational corporations are those who pay to extract the fuels while the
Bolivian state does not have the necessary resources to accomplish this on
its  own.
"There may be 450 billion of gas below the earth, but it doesn´t convert
into  money until it is extracted. Investment is needed in order to do
that," he  said.
Mesa also addressed the unpopularity of the measures, saying: "It´s easy to
play the demagogue. It would be very easy for me to say, 'Yes, we will
nationalize through expropriation,' and I would probably be the most
popular man  alive. But I don't govern for popularity, I govern for the
responsibility of the  state."

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