[Marxism] Cliffite tradition and Cuba

Philip Ferguson philip.ferguson at canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Jul 13 17:06:00 MDT 2004

Robin Blackburn's critique of Gonzalez and Binns was excellent.

Blackburn also lived and worked in Cuba in the late 60s or early 70s and
so was much more directly familiar with the revolution and the
operations of Cuban society.

A year or two back, I read an article on Che in the NZ ISO mag,
'Socialist Review'.  It was presumably supposed to be a serious
analysis, but I got the impression that whoever wrote it had simply
cribbed it from some other Cliffite publication and had never even
bothered to read anything serious about Che, let alone anything written
by Che himself.

The article essentially dismissed Che as a mere foquista and someone who
hadn't a clue about the working class.  

The same kind of utterly superficial analysis turns up in publications
coming out of the Grantite tendency.

These people are frequently shoddier than the worst bourgeois academics
in their 'research' and 'analysis'.  

Even in Bolivia, where Che rapidly became completely isolated, his
original perspective was far from mere adventurism and romanticism.

It's great that archives in Cuba are opening up and serious left
scholars can write about the Llano and provide a much more rounded
picture of the Cuban revolution, both in Cuba and abroad.

Philip Ferguson



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