[Marxism] The Mexican PRI Dedazo Knocks Out Yet Another Leading Candidate for 2006

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 20:26:19 MDT 2004

Recent developments in Mexico should clear away any doubts about who rules 
the country. This excremental AP reporting below comically even refers to 
the New York Times as having urged Fox's wife not to run!   Why certainly!  
Marta Sahagun would have thrown a monkey wrench into all the brokered deals 
to put Fox in for 6 years to camoflage the continued PRI dominance of 
Mexican politics. And the main component of that wheeling and dealing was 
that the Mexican presidency must be returned to the PRI in 2006. The US 
guarantees it, otherwise all hell breaks out.  Mexico is still a top-down 
dictatorship with only a thin veneer of 2-party game playing.  It's much 
like the American 'System'.


Mexico's First Lady Rules Out Candidacy

Tue Jul 13, 6:05 AM ET
By MARK STEVENSON, Associated Press Writer

MEXICO CITY - Mexicans expressed relief as first lady Marta Sahagun finally 
ruled out a run for the presidency, putting an end to speculation that 
divided her party and hurt her husband's already struggling administration.

President Vicente Fox had already nixed her candidacy; The New York Times 
had urged Sahagun to bow out in an editorial; but Sahagun herself had 
delayed making any announcement until Monday, when she said the magic words: 
I won't run.

Many took her words as a boon to a country barely used to full democracy and 
fearful of family dynasties and financial scandals, precisely the kind of 
fears that Sahagun's political ambitions stirred up.

"This should calm the political waters, and strengthen Fox's leadership," 
said Hugo Valdemar Romero, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of 

The leftist Democratic Revolution Party, or PRD, one of the harshest critics 
of the first couple, welcomed her statement.

"We think this is a very good statement," said PRD President Leonel Godoy. 
"Let's hope she keeps her word."

And leading members of Fox's own National Action Party — who saw Sahagun's 
potential candidacy as unfair competition for their own presidential hopes — 
were especially happy.

"I think this is something very good," said Interior Secretary Santiago 
Creel, himself mentioned as a possible candidate. "The truth can only 
strengthen a democratic system."

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