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ID chip to be implanted in Mexican officials
Implants will limit access to criminal data; move may be a first

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
By RICARDO SANDOVAL / The Dallas Morning News
MEXICO CITY – Mexico's chief crime buster is walking around these days with 
a chip on his shoulder.
Actually, it's in his shoulder.

Attorney General Rafael Macedo de la Concha said this week that he and an 
undisclosed number of officials of the PGR – as his agency is known by its 
Spanish acronym – had chips the size of rice grains implanted in their arms.

The chips, operating on high-frequency radio signals, will be used to 
identify the few prosecutors who will have access to Mexico's new criminal 
information center, which contains crime databases and sophisticated 
communications systems.

Eventually the chip will be married with satellite-location technology to 
allow its wearers to be tracked.

The PGR is the first law enforcement agency in the world to use the chips 
for foolproof identification, according to the Mexican company that 
implanted the devices.

"At least as far as has been made public, this is the first," said Antonio 
Aceves, president of Solusat, the Mexican firm that handles the VeriChip, 
made by Florida-based Applied Digital Solutions.

The company said the chip – at a cost of $150 "installed" – is available to 
the Mexican public. With the tracking technology added, the chip's makers 
expect significant demand because of the country's chronic kidnapping 

Subdermal chips are controversial. Although civil rights advocates object to 
their "Big Brother" possibilities, microchips are used in the United States 
to identify lost dogs and even to keep tabs on children.
Digital Angel unveiled
Human-tracking subdermal implant technology makes debut
© 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

A NASDAQ-traded company has finally unveiled its long-touted and highly 
controversial "Digital Angel" -- a subdermal microchip implant designed not 
merely for keeping tabs on pets, but for widespread, worldwide use in 
tracking human beings.

The high-tech device, engineered by Applied Digital Solutions, Inc. had its 
debut Monday before an overflow crowd of more than 300 invited guests at 
Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.

The audience included U.S. Secretary of Commerce Norman Mineta, who 
addressed the crowd, as well as other government officials, potential 
joint-venture/licensing partners and press representatives.

Richard J. Sullivan, Applied Digital Solutions' chairman and CEO, waxed 
eloquent about the market potential of Digital Angel, claiming the company 
has "uncovered a total marketplace that is conservatively estimated to 
exceed $70 billion."

Randy Geissler, chairman and CEO of Digital Angel.net Inc., a wholly owned 
subsidiary, zeroed in on potential applications.

"Our analysis shows that we are well-positioned to move quickly into certain 
applications while developing a number of others. Two areas of particular 
interest are in the healthcare arena," he said, "monitoring heart disease 
and respiratory disease patients." The tracking and monitoring of pets, he 
added, is also "right up our alley."

The demonstration, which was conducted by Dr. Peter Zhou and Dr. Keith 
Bolton, showed how Digital Angel "can be used to monitor a person's key body 
functions -- such as temperature and pulse -- and transmit that data 
wirelessly, on a real time basis, along with the accurate location of the 
person, to a web-enabled ground station or monitoring facility," according 
to a press statement.

The technology consists of a miniature sensor device, designed to be 
implanted just under the skin, that captures and wirelessly transmits the 
"wearer's" vital body-function data, such as body temperature or pulse, to 
an Internet-integrated ground station. In addition, the antenna receives 
information regarding the location of the individual from the GPS satellite. 
Both sets of data -- medical information and location -- are then wirelessly 
transmitted to the ground station and made available on Web-enabled desktop, 
laptop or wireless devices.

A more sophisticated version of microchip technologies currently used as 
electronic ID tags for pets, Digital Angel is powered electromechanically 
through muscle movement, or it can be activated by an outside monitoring 

As WorldNetDaily has reported, in addition to locating missing persons and 
monitoring physiological data, Digital Angel will be marketed as a means of 
verifying online consumer identity for the burgeoning e-commerce world.

In August, Sullivan told WND, "We are currently talking to a watch maker who 
is interested in placing the device on the back of their watches." He added 
that "technology is being developed that would allow Digital Angel to 
function from the back of a cellular phone, transmitting bio-sensor 
information when carried by the user."

And in an interview last March, the chief scientist, Zhou, told 
WorldNetDaily he believes the implant will be as popular as cell phones and 

Digital Angel "will be a connection from yourself to the electronic world. 
It will be your guardian, protector. It will bring good things to you," said 

"We will be a hybrid of electronic intelligence and our own soul," he added.

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