[Marxism] Digital Angel Corporation- From Animal Tracking to CIA Tracking

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Wed Jul 14 17:04:34 MDT 2004

http://www.digitalangelcorp.com/  And here is a puff piece online at their 
allied site, Applied Digital Solutions.

Controversial Human Chip Implant Introduced
Far-Reaching Implications Raise Concerns
An experimental and controversial identification system is now being 
introduced in the New York area.

It's called a veri-chip -- no bigger than a few grains a rice, it's 
implanted in your arm. A scanner accesses a personal code, which opens your 
information file.

Dr. Christopher Mills recently installed the first chip -- in a New Yorker. 
Because it's so small and inserts under the skin in the arm, it can be done 
during a quick doctor's visit.

"Most everybody has been vaccinated, has had an IV started for some type of 
procedure. It's simply like placing an intravenous line, and it's done under 
local anesthesia in an outpatient setting," said Mills. "So, the actual 
event itself is really like a nonevent."

But the nonevent has far-reaching implications. Right now, it's for basic 
medical information. But promoters of the chip see endless applications.

"I think security issues are a very important thing. Identifying who you are 
so there isn't altered identification," said Mills. "You really are the 
person you say you are."

The $200 chip could eventually disarm your home alarm; not just speed you 
through, but also possibly eliminate shopping checkout lines; or replace 
your ATM card when you need that old-fashion stuff they call cash.

For each application, there seem to be just as many concerns. What about 
privacy? Who handles the data bank? What if hackers compromise it? Who 
certifies the accuracy of the information in the database?

Dr. Richard Seelig, veri-chip promoter and first man in the country with an 
implanted chip, admits it's a controversial idea.

"Here's the very big difference between 1984 and this," said Seelig. "No one 
is going to put this under the skin of anyone without that person's consent. 
It's voluntary. So, people have a choice, either they are going to accept it 
or they're not."

Right now, 30 people have made the choice to pay about $10 a month to be in 
the database. They'll have to settle for scanning themselves, as no banks, 
commercial enterprises or security agencies are using the system.

Many people ask if it doubles as a global positioning satellite tracker. 
Right now, no. But they have one under development.

Below is the info blurb that Appied Digital Solutilons uses to inform others 
of its 'services'.

APPLIED DIGITAL SOLUTIONS is an advanced digital technology development 
company that focuses on a range of early warning alert, miniaturized power 
sources and security monitoring systems combined with the comprehensive data 
management services required to support them. Through its Advanced Wireless 
unit, the Company specializes in security-related data collection, 
value-added data intelligence and complex data delivery systems for a wide 
variety of end users including commercial operations, government agencies 
and consumers.

The company was established in 1993 and became a publicly traded company in 

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