[Marxism] ISO and Farber

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Wed Jul 14 18:19:31 MDT 2004

If you speak to the average young ISOer you'll find that not all "State Caps" 
are created equal. Some exploit the working class more than others, and some 
(i.e. Cuba) actually demonstrate admirable qualities-- Low wage differentials, 
a higher relative investment of the social surplus in strengthening the 
social position of workers and peasants, combined with a militant anti-imperialism 
and raw class consciousness on the part of average workers and peasants etc. 
What a shock it must have been to get back from the largest ever Socialism 
Conference to open the new ISR to an interview with Sam Farber. If the new recruit 
wasn't aware of the depth of this right-Schactmanite's antipathy to the Cuban 
revolution, she is now. The question then becomes, in the so "democratic" ISO 
how does she register her dissent? This piece came as a shock, even to me. I 
assumed the ISO would want to stay positioned someplace on the actually 
existing left continuum, rather than snuggling up to the State Department socialism 
of New Politics and Sam Farber. Will Joanne Landy come next? Inquiring ISOers 
must want to know. To say nothing of Alan Maas.
Bob MOntgomery

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