[Marxism] enough of the sectarian ISO bashing already

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 15 06:51:32 MDT 2004

T.Hartin wrote:
> There's a place for sectarian flaming - its called 
> alt.politics.socialism.trotsky

Actually, there's very little anti-ISO or anti-British SWP criticism 
here. It mainly arises in the context of articles in their press on 
Cuba, which should really lead a sensible person to consider whether 
it's worth it or not. I honestly think that it is good that they get 
raked over the coals for interviewing Sam Farber or allowing Mike 
Gonzalez to make some truly boneheaded statements about the nature of 
the July 26th movement. You wouldn't expect a rank-and-file member to 
write a document urging the parties to adopt a new position in line with 
objective reality, would you? Such pressure has to come from outside and 
the Internet is the perfect place for that.


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