[Marxism] RE: Who is David Cobb?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 15 08:31:39 MDT 2004

Paul, the problem with your assessment below is that it just flat out flies 
against the evidence that history has presented us repeatedly.

I don't know.  I think there is a strategic advantage to having a government
that won't push the police state tactic of the current regime.   I'll take
less pain right now since I think more pain would push americans toward
nationalist fascism not the creation of a socialist society.>>

This raises a false dichotomy that does not exist between a supposed 
possibly more benevolent US president that could supposedly resist against  
PURE EVIL as you see it.  But how did Bush get into office?  The answer to 
that, is that it was as much the Democratic Party that put him there, as it 
was the Republican Party.

The DP is (and was) no reistance, but is the enabler to what you fear, Paul. 
  The 'police state tactic of the current regime', was the 'police state 
terror' of the previous one.  The 'War Against  Terrorism' is the 'War 
Against Drugs' of the Clinton group.  Bush's invasion of Iraq was the end 
game of Clinton's sanctions against Iraq, and Clinton's invasion of 

Texas Governor Bush was the progeny of Texas liberal Democrat Ann Richards. 
Ann gave birth to George.  She did not provide resistance to him and his 
interests, just as Al Gore didn't either.  Carter was not a break from 
Nixon, but a door that opened the door to Reaganism.  FDR paved the way to 
Trumanism and the Witchhunt.  How much ignoring of history Cobbism can be 
guilty of.

To coddle up to the idea that Kerry represents something better than Bush, 
is misleadership by you, Cobb, Michael Moore, Norm Solomon, and so many 
others.   It is Gus Hallism, not pragmatism.  Instead of explaining about 
the dictatorship of the capitalists we live under, this type of politics 
gives people the false message that 'your vote counts'!  Why would you 
people do such a thing?  This is not socialist politicing, but rather 
liberalist bs.  It is pushing the idea that democracy consists of votes and 
voting in capitalist run elections.

Pain?  The great American pain is that the working class gets fed this crap 
of 'we are a democracy' day and night, night and day.  Paul, you even go so 
far as to promote the idea of local-yokel electorialism as being something 
that Che and Fidel 'knew about'!   Cobb copying Che?  Too funny for words 
almost!  You can't really believe this yourself...  And Mao built a movemetn 
by organizing an army against the Japanese, not by building strong local 
movements around election campaigns.

<<Cobb, for
better or worse, has what I consider to be the right strategy: build strong
local movements that control local governments.>>  This is much easier in
rural and semi-rural areas but it is happening.  When everyday people find
that people with socialist ideas are just everyday people too and are
actually doing things to help on the local level, at that point it becomes
reasonable to try something greater.  Fidel knew this, Che knew this, Mao
knew this.  And I don't see how there is any other practical strategy at the
present time for building a mass movement.>>

As far as the Green Party being a 'big tent'?   The big tent is the DP, and 
the Green Party that Cobb represents is a DP side show.  I don't buy the 
idea that Greens winning local offices is a means to building mass 
movements.  Even if Gonzalez had somehow won the mayor's seat in San 
Francisco, no mass movement would have shot forth from such an event.  
That's not how mass movements get constructed.

<<The Green shopping list (the
values) is a really big tent that unfortunately doesn't have a center pole
to hold it up but right now it's the best place to access the :"legitimate"
political process and thereby continue to organize,  Cobb told me that he
does think winning offices is not an end in itself but a means to more
fundamental organizing.  Paul>>

One last thing... What the hell is it to talk about the best place to access 
the legitimate political process, as you put it?  Is that code for saying 
that the Green Party should be the grand avenue for socialist election work? 
Egads! I'd rather build SWP or SEP campaigns even!  Jack Barnes for 
President, Anybody?

If Nader thought that the Greens had become a sinkhole that sucked activism 
downhill and out, maybe socailists should examine Nader's reasons for 
feeling that way?   Building around local dog catcher elections and then 
voting Democratic Party at the national level is called doing nothing, Paul. 
  One should not think of it as good strategy. Cobb has captured nothing.  
He has won the undertaker post for the Green Party.  Heck, in many a state 
he wouldn't even vote for himself.  And neither would his mom.


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