[Marxism] Thrift shop imperialism

andrew c pollack andypollack at juno.com
Thu Jul 15 17:03:15 MDT 2004

A quick web search produced this story, which is funny because a few
years ago a similar incident happened with an interesting twist: Tibetan
SUPPORTERS of the Dalai Lama supposedly rioted on seeing the shirts
thinking his holiness' image had been misappropriated.

More fun to laugh at Stalinist bureaucratic fuck-up or feudal mystical
nonsense? Your call.
On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 01:22:26 -0700 "viveka" <kaliyuga at humboldt1.com>
> On a humorous note, this reminded me of a story I heard some years 
> back..
> There apparently were some old Sargeant Bilko t-shirts left over 
> after he
> passed into oblivion which found their way into China.  
> Unfortunately, for
> the buyers of the t-shirts, Sargeant Bilko bears a striking 
> resemblance to
> the Dalai Lama (think about it, it's true!), so the bearers of the 
> t-shirts
> found themselves in some trouble with the government, believing the 
> wearing
> of them was a subversive act.
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