[Marxism] RE: Who is David Cobb?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 16 09:48:59 MDT 2004

But Paul, you did take a position.  Your position was clear, too, just like 
Cobb's position is as clear as all the other anybody but Bush crowd.  Your 
position is simply put, that the Democrats are better than the Republicans.

Your response illustrates very clearly (to me at least) why the left has no
significant  popular roots in the U.S.  You put a lot of things in my mouth
that never came out of them to begin with.  You arrogantly tilt at
windmills..  I really wasn't taking any position as much as providing
counter evidence to the article on Cobb.>>

What is so sad about this position you take that the DP is better than RP, 
is that all the evidence is exactly totally to the contrary to what you 
assert as something that should be so obvious to us all.  And since the 
evidence is actually that the Democrats are exactly as bad for us a as the 
Republicans are, you try to spread a smoke screen about winning local 
elections as being how to animate building a new mass movement.  But you 
have no evidence for that, either.  Local elections are won for activists 
after the mass movement is built, not as forerunner to it.

<<But against the most fundamental
statement concerning building mass movements out of taking control of local
governments you have nothing to say except, "I don't believe that's the way
you build mass movements."  Hmm?  How do you build them in the present (not
the 30s or 60s)?  I've seen more come out of the support that local
governments can provide to organizing at other levels. Paul>>

Did the Civil Rights Movement or the Women's Movement or the AntiVietnam War 
Movement get their main impetus from electing local officials first?  And 
was it organizing to get nicer people into local offices back then how those 
movements were constructed?  You ask how to build a movement today, and the 
answer is by certainly not  by just trying to elect 'better' people to 
office.  And the answer is also that mass movements will only be constructed 
by opposing the Democratic Party, not by telling people to go out and vote 
Edwards and Kerry, as Cobb and you want to do.  Mass movements are built 
around inspirational ideas, not sordid, compromised, selling off of the 

What is most disturbing about the  pseudo-socailist 'anybody but Bush' camp, 
is the absolute spinelessness of the attitude.  It's the attitude that 
something great is being risked by not pushing for voting for the class 
enemy, Kerry  How can a movement be built for change with such a spineless 
mentality?  To me, it recalls the spinelessness of socialists that will not 
build a movement against the US military, simply because they say that there 
is no activism around the issue as of yet. Translation; we will not push for 
what is unpopular at the moment, because we would seem so unreal and 

Spinelessness masquerading as pragmatic realism!  It makes one want to puke. 
  And that's what the working class sees in liberalism and liberals. They 
see spineless wimps, not pragmatists.  And they are bored with it all, and 
stay home.  It's not the attitude of standing up for class independence that 
makes the US Left miniscule, Paul.  It's the attitude of constantly running 
to elect Kerrys and Edwards to office, even when that's clearly not what 
anybody really wants.

Cobb is a jelly fish building nothing, and not a grand strategic pragmatist. 
  Even all the Al Frankens and Michael Moores and Norman Solomons come out 
looking like spineless wimps, with this anybody-but Bush, Reagan, or 
Goldwater stuff.  Gus Hall pushed this crap along with the Russian CP. They 
built zip. We go through this nonsense every four years. Paul, you should be 
ashamed of yourself.  I have not been unfair to you.


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