[Marxism] Comments?

Sabri Oncu soncu at pacbell.net
Fri Jul 16 19:08:10 MDT 2004

To be honest with you Louis, I have never paid much attention to this
"leftist" Moore. I was on my way to Istanbul, if I am not wrong, on the same
day this movie Fahrenheit 9/11 started to show in Berkeley, so I have not
seen it yet. What I read in one article in a Turkish newpaper by a friend I
respect says this:

And a "leftist" movie producer, while intending to expose the Bush
admisnitration with his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 that got watched by millions
in its first two weeks, invoices all of September 11 to the Saudi regime. In
doing so, he starts to build public support in the left/liberal wing for the
military intervention in Saudi Arabia to grab the Saudi oil that "the
neo-cons see as the greatest loot" and, hence, boards the neo-con train from
the back door.


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