[Marxism] RE: Who is David Cobb?

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Fri Jul 16 21:16:43 MDT 2004


If the bottom line is that the presidential election doesn't matter because
you can only vote for the lesser evil, sort of like taking the riper bananas
at the market, then WHY IS NADER RUNNING IN IT?  To publicize, to make a
position be heard, isn't that correct?  Well Cobb is in it because he sees
national elections as a vehicle to organizing locally -- At then national
level there is only the Green Party platform, no ego identity national star
figure of the atheoretical left -- what exactly is the difference between
Nader and the Green Party platform, any?    Nader's presence might ensure
that Bush win again with a more rapid quickening of the contradictions,
greater repression, and the generation of the "objective" conditions for
some kind of movement among the great mass of middle Americans that would
bring about a transition to socialism?  Is that the idea?  My main concern
is that Bush would be a lot more repressive in a second term and that would
make it very difficult for organizing of any kind to go on . . . I don't
believe a Kerry administration would be any where near as repressive in that
regard and probably would just be smarter about how they do things.  In any
event  I can't envision anything but a more repressive political environment
if Bush were reelected whereas a democratic administration probably would be
less so . . . this based on the demands of their own constitutencies and not
backed by right wing zealots -- 

I think Cobb, unlike Nader, is simply more in tune with the sentinment of a
Bible verse   that Pete Seeger put to music:
For every place there is a season (there is wisdom in other places than the
classics of the Left).   I think it's the wrong time to act in ways that
will almost certainly result in greater problems when I can act in ways that
might result in lesser ones.  Of course the 2004 presidential elections are
simply surface waves on the sea of capitalist contradictions, of course, but
surface waves are important to people in boats on the sea.


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