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Building the Movement and the Party

Just a quick report.  More later.

Over 1,000 enthusiastic Greens, socialists, independents and no few Democrats cheered, chanted, played music and discussed politics during the kick-off rally for Nader-Camejo in San Francisco today.  Around 300 Green activists were among the crowd, showing clearly where the local San Francisco Bay Area Greens stand on this Presidential Election – add those votes to the state polling, please. (The local San Francisco Green Party 's leadership opposes Nader-Camejo, but they are completely isolated)

The event was organized by Matt Gonzalez, the Avocado Institute, the ISO, assorted Greens from the Bay Area and other socialist groups.

Members of the Progressive Left Movement (a local coalition of Greens/socialists and independents) registered over 40 new voters as Greens, 23 as Democrats and 28 as decline to state.   Twenty volunteers for Lucrecia Bermudez for Supervisor campaign distributed 850 pieces of literature and signed up 30 people who are willing to volunteer for this local campaign (http://www.lucreciabermudez.com).

Among those present were also members of the Peace and Freedom Party and their candidate for the US Senate who spoke at the rally.  Other speakers included, of course, Matt Gonzalez, Peter Camejo, the leaders of the Centro Azteca, Pat Gray, Green candidate for Congress...

More than half of those attending got copies of Frontlines newspaper (http://www.sf-frontlines.com) and many more bought copies of Socialist Workers and other left publications.  Hundreds signed the petition to put Nader-Camejo on the California ballot and many more signed up as volunteers for the campaign.

The rally included a small number of Democrats (9 to be exact) parked outside the Mission High School, with hostile signs.  They were surrounded by an ocean of Nader-Camejo supporters who kept them in line (some of the Democrats were particularly aggressive).  I left before Nader spoke as I was responsible of carrying back literature and tables.  When I left, more people were arriving to the rally. 

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