[Marxism] The 1840s

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Jul 17 00:05:39 MDT 2004

Ummm....If I'm reading that piece rightly, a Democrat is complaining
that the Liberty Party tilted the balance in 1844 to a
Democrat...strange thing for a Democratic to complain about.  ...and if
we had done nothing, we'd still be electing J.K. Polks today.  ...well,
in a sense, we are.

Still, if truth counts for anything, the Liberty Party had nothing like
that impact.  As Free Soilers in 1848, they helped tilt some states one
way or the other, but it was a matter of denying the Whigs one state and
the Democrats another.

The platforms of a lot of these third parties are posted at


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