[Marxism] RE: Who is David Cobb?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 17 08:24:00 MDT 2004

I'm so sorry I misspell words, but after a night shift that's just too damn, 
Walt. I liove how you have claimed Cubans as one whole continent of opinion, 
all in agreement wtih yours. That's remarkable, you know?  JB channels the 
working class spirits, and you channel Cuba's soul.

What's really in argument here, is not being able to recognize 'differences' 
or not, Walt.  Your 'facts' are not the facts, either.  They are nothing 
more that the desperate search for hope that Kerry will spare you some from 
the 'evil' personality of Bush.  He tastes worse than Kerry. You prefer 
Pepsi.  It's  such a different taste.

It's not that I don't recognize that different politicos have different 
agendas, different views, different constitutencies.  We agree on that, 
since there is a world of difference out there, even amongst the big 
business crowd, Walt.  What we don't agree on, is that I simply can't delude 
myself, that we should lie to the workers, Cuban or otherwise, and most 
importantly, to ourselves.   And tell them that things will go better for 
all, with a Kerry not a Bush.

The BIG LIE that you engage in,  is telling yourself and others that these 
differences amongst the upper crust amount to something BIG.  They don't.  
And you are a liar to say to yourself that it is a big difference between 
the DP and the RP.  You lie to the Cubans if you tell them that, or even if 
you just feed to their desire to think that one is better than the other 
beyond a split hair or two.

Michael Moore is a liar when he goes out and tells us that Wesley Clarke is 
the Man.  Norman is a liar when he tells us that the DP will make the world 
safer than Bush will.  Cobb is a liar when he tells us that he is pushing 
independent politics when he calls for a 'safe states strategy'.  You guys 
are liars, and you lie to the working class, you lie to the world.  You are 
dishonest, because you know from all the evidence, that it is just not true 
ALL this big differenece you trumpet on about.  But you fear being labelled 
too extreme, out of it, etc., if you simply state the truth of the matter to 
the people.  You have the education, but choose to play the fool.  The truth 
being spoke would make you stand out as 'extremists', and your politics 
hides you from such a fate.

It is a cowardly form of lying that you engage in, trying to convince others 
and yourselves of the necessity of doing the same thing as the Conservative, 
Christian Rightists do, which is going out and voting for a capitalist hack. 
  What do you think that you are doing, Walt?  If not lying?  You are in a 
world of make-pretend, where you tell others that corporations will behave 
better if one of the CEOs is only a grand humanitarian, and not a total 
buffoon or oily scumbag.  To you, Jimmy Carter's sermons are SO TOTALLY 
different than those of the Christian Right!  You scream out.. Can't you see 
the difference, Pastor Carter won't burn the witches at the stake, like Big 
Dick Cheney will!  Save ourselves! Save those unjustly accused of being 
witches!  Your lying is pitiful, not practicality personified though.  With 
Carter-Kerry-Edwards you still get burned, even if the burn gets covered 
with a sappy syrup.

In short, Walt, the matter is not about 'recognzing differences' or not. It 
is about lying about how big those teensy, little nuances really are.  You 
are lying when you say they are a big deal. You are parroting the capitalist 
propaganda.  And you become dissolved in the bullshit of the hoopla about 
who the next cheerleader will be for our football team.


Tony Abdo is welcome to his opinion. He's extrapolated
quite a bit from my 113 words, but he had to use 647
words to do so, with spelling errors and disinterpre-
tations. Facts, however, are stubborn things, whether
someone wishes to acknowledge them or not. After 45
years, the Cubans have no illusions about Democrats
or Kerry. But they do recognize differences even if
some Marxmailistas choose not to do so.

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