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Since when is flaming acceptable listserv behavior?  Or is that an example
of the class struggle?

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> I'm so sorry I misspell words, but after a night shift that's just too
> Walt. I liove how you have claimed Cubans as one whole continent of
> all in agreement wtih yours. That's remarkable, you know?  JB channels the
> working class spirits, and you channel Cuba's soul.
> What's really in argument here, is not being able to recognize
> or not, Walt.  Your 'facts' are not the facts, either.  They are nothing
> more that the desperate search for hope that Kerry will spare you some
> the 'evil' personality of Bush.  He tastes worse than Kerry. You prefer
> Pepsi.  It's  such a different taste.
> It's not that I don't recognize that different politicos have different
> agendas, different views, different constitutencies.  We agree on that,
> since there is a world of difference out there, even amongst the big
> business crowd, Walt.  What we don't agree on, is that I simply can't
> myself, that we should lie to the workers, Cuban or otherwise, and most
> importantly, to ourselves.   And tell them that things will go better for
> all, with a Kerry not a Bush.
> The BIG LIE that you engage in,  is telling yourself and others that these
> differences amongst the upper crust amount to something BIG.  They don't.
> And you are a liar to say to yourself that it is a big difference between
> the DP and the RP.  You lie to the Cubans if you tell them that, or even
> you just feed to their desire to think that one is better than the other
> beyond a split hair or two.
> Michael Moore is a liar when he goes out and tells us that Wesley Clarke
> the Man.  Norman is a liar when he tells us that the DP will make the
> safer than Bush will.  Cobb is a liar when he tells us that he is pushing
> independent politics when he calls for a 'safe states strategy'.  You guys
> are liars, and you lie to the working class, you lie to the world.  You
> dishonest, because you know from all the evidence, that it is just not
> ALL this big differenece you trumpet on about.  But you fear being
> too extreme, out of it, etc., if you simply state the truth of the matter
> the people.  You have the education, but choose to play the fool.  The
> being spoke would make you stand out as 'extremists', and your politics
> hides you from such a fate.
> It is a cowardly form of lying that you engage in, trying to convince
> and yourselves of the necessity of doing the same thing as the
> Christian Rightists do, which is going out and voting for a capitalist
>   What do you think that you are doing, Walt?  If not lying?  You are in a
> world of make-pretend, where you tell others that corporations will behave
> better if one of the CEOs is only a grand humanitarian, and not a total
> buffoon or oily scumbag.  To you, Jimmy Carter's sermons are SO TOTALLY
> different than those of the Christian Right!  You scream out.. Can't you
> the difference, Pastor Carter won't burn the witches at the stake, like
> Dick Cheney will!  Save ourselves! Save those unjustly accused of being
> witches!  Your lying is pitiful, not practicality personified though.
> Carter-Kerry-Edwards you still get burned, even if the burn gets covered
> with a sappy syrup.
> In short, Walt, the matter is not about 'recognzing differences' or not.
> is about lying about how big those teensy, little nuances really are.  You
> are lying when you say they are a big deal. You are parroting the
> propaganda.  And you become dissolved in the bullshit of the hoopla about
> who the next cheerleader will be for our football team.
> Tony
> ````````````
> Tony Abdo is welcome to his opinion. He's extrapolated
> quite a bit from my 113 words, but he had to use 647
> words to do so, with spelling errors and disinterpre-
> tations. Facts, however, are stubborn things, whether
> someone wishes to acknowledge them or not. After 45
> years, the Cubans have no illusions about Democrats
> or Kerry. But they do recognize differences even if
> some Marxmailistas choose not to do so.
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