[Marxism] ISO Book collection

D OC donaloc at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 17 11:37:27 MDT 2004

A chairde,

I have just acquired a large collection of ISO books dating from 1981 
onwards. I wonder if anyone on this list would be interested in buying them 
- I'll not be found too expensive - they are taking up room and I have 
little time for state socialist tracts - although even to me they look a 
little interesting. I understand that there are many difficult to find 
titles and their condition throughout is fine. I will throw in a large 
collection of Irish/British SWP pamphlets from the same period which are 
probably even more rare and came with them.

If you are interested, email donaloc at hotmail.com with ISO books in the 
subject header. And I'll email you a more prescriptive listing of the 

Is mise

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