[Marxism] Kerry Backs Much of Pre-Emption Doctrine

Derek Seidman derekseidman at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 13:23:36 MDT 2004

Kerry Backs Much of Pre-Emption Doctrine 
Sat Jul 17,10:40 AM ET   
By KEN GUGGENHEIM, Associated Press Writer 

WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate John
Kerry said Friday he would be willing to launch a
pre-emptive strike against terrorists if he had
adequate intelligence of a threat. 

Kerry offered some support for one of the most
controversial aspects of President Bush's national
security policy, even as he criticized the president
for not reforming intelligence agencies after the
Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 

"Am I prepared as president to go get them before they
get us if we locate them and have the sufficient
intelligence? You bet I am," he said at a news
conference at his Washington headquarters. 

The Bush administration laid out the doctrine of
pre-emption months before the Iraq war began in March
2003. It argued that the United States cannot rely on
its vast arsenal to deter attacks and must be willing
to strike first against potential threats. Critics of
the policy say the Iraq war shows how the country
could be driven to war by flawed intelligence. 

Kerry said the intelligence needs to be improved so
that the word of a U.S. president "is good enough for
people across the world again." 

But he added, "I will never allow any other country to
veto what we need to do and I will never allow any
other institution to veto what we need to do to
protect our nation." 


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