[Marxism] Re: Democrats and civility [was Moderator's Note}

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Sat Jul 17 21:38:51 MDT 2004

>>The basis for keeping it civil, I believe, is agreement that what we
are faced with is a difference of empirical judgment, not of

>I don't know about "principle" but a lot more than empirical judgment
in involved here. It is fundamentally about strategic approach, and an
understanding of the U.S. political system.<

Jose's right and I personally think it's more than a matter of empirical
judgement. Of course there are other reaons to keep it civil, like the
fact that arguments are more productive if we don't flame each other.
But beyond that, an important reason to keep it civil is that the ABB
argument resonates among millions of working people (yes here in
Australia too), so we had better learn to engage with it patiently.

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