[Marxism] The Little Engine That Couldn't Kucinich Surrenders on Anti-War Plank

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Sun Jul 18 09:46:24 MDT 2004


July 16, 2004

The Little Engine That Couldn't Kucinich Surrenders on Anti-War Plank

Well, history has repeated itself and, just like the saying goes, this time 
around it is pure farce. In this instance, I am referring to the attempt by 
Kucinich supporters to attach an antiwar plank to the Democratic Party's 
2004 platform. As anyone knows, of course, these platforms don't really 
mean much of anything, but the fact that the Kerry people fought even the 
inclusion of a statement that called the Iraq war wrong from its inception 
proves once again how little difference there really is in the campaigns of 
the two men running for president of the United States this year. It also 
proves the pointlessness of any group of left-leaning Democrats who still 
believe that their party is capable of redemption along McGovernite lines.

The original hope of the Kucinich campaign--a campaign that voiced clear 
opposition to the war and ran on a demand that the US withdraw from 
Iraq--was that the Democratic Party platform for 2004 would include 
language that included a timetable for the withdrawal of all US military 
forces from Iraq and also made clear that the party considered the war on 
Iraq a mistake from the beginning. What the Kucinich campaign got instead 
was "a commitment to begin the process to talk about bringing the troops 
home;" according to Kucinich's campaign manager, Tim Carpenter. In short, 
they got nothing, since the conversation Mr. Carpenter is referring to has 
already begun in the streets and workplaces of the nation.

To add injury to insult to those Kucinich supporters who supported Dennis 
because of his supposed opposition to the war, Kucinich called some 
supporters and told them that this retreat was some kind of a victory. If I 
were one of those supporters, I would have hung up on Mr. Kucinich's 
quicker than I do on a solicitor. This is no victory. If anything, it's 
further acknowledgement as to the bankruptcy of the two-party system. Not 
only have the remaining antiwar forces in the Democratic Party been 
relegated to the sidelines at the party convention, they've convinced 
themselves that their silencing is a victory. All of this done, of course, 
in the name of party unity and a desire to beat George Bush.

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