[Marxism] Brenner on Nader, Camejo and the SWP: good article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jul 18 10:11:23 MDT 2004

Mike Friedman quoting Lenni Brenner:
> The party forbade smoking marijuana. They legitimately worried that the 
> FBI would plant it in their halls and then raid them. But again they 
> looked strange as millions of youths took up the herb. While some 
> members would discreetly sneak off to enjoy a puff or 2, Pete told me 
> that he was probably the only radical under 40 in Berkeley who hadn't 
> smoked it. Their 'up tight' social conservatism was the basis of 
> Stokely's apt remark about their never providing the emotions of the 
> movement. I would add neither the ideology nor the emotion.

It should be mentioned that Lenni spent time 39 months in prison for pot 
smoking. And that for him, the use of pot occupies as great a role in 
his over-all weltanschauung as The Transitional Program for James P. 
Cannon. Speaking for myself, I had no problem quitting marijuana after 
joining the Trotskyist movement. Speaking as somebody who spent many an 
hour with stoned beat generation types in the 1960s before joining the 
SWP and with Hollywood cokeheads after leaving it, there's everything to 
be gained in terms of avoiding boring people and helping to lay off the 

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