[Marxism] RE: Who is David Cobb? (reply to Fred Feldman)

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Jul 18 11:27:59 MDT 2004

While speculative, I have to say that a Kerry administration does seem
like a potentially greater threat.  The paradox is that, if these
terrible things pan out, the Republicans will come back promising a
secret peace plan in 2008.

Of course, Kerry has to win the election first.  I'm not convinced that
he isn't perfectly capable of losing.  

The Democrats are clearly competing with the Republicans for the
law-and-order, stronger-America white suburban middle class and
pseudo-middle class vote--disproportionately, the far more likely
participants in the 2004 elections.  Despite the hired pimps in the
media, the traditional Democratic base--even those planning to vote for
Kerry at this point--aren't that hostile to Nader and are openly
disgusted with Kerry's orientation.  For every step Kerry moves to the
right to court reactionary voters, he increases the disgust with him
among the traditional Democratic base.  He may not drive many to Nader,
but he can certainly discourage them from showing up at the polls.

Given the Democratic strategy of not disputing anything of substance
with Bush, the President has a Democratic license to lie and deceive.
He can still avoid addressing the absence of WMD and a frightening
proportion of the likely voters choose to live in the fantasyland where
the Bush administration saved us all and made the world a more secure

In response, the Democratic strategists can only drool unpersuasively.

A terrorist incident, an apparent terrorist incident, maybe even a last
minute terrorist scare could stampede enough of the voluntarily
self-deceived to the polls. 

Mark L.

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