[Marxism] RE: Who is David Cobb? (reply to Mark Lause re: Is Kerry the rulers' road to victory?)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Sun Jul 18 19:19:51 MDT 2004

Fred wrote:

>This is a repetition of what I said before, and I have no new 
>arguments. But I think the widespread hatred of the current 
>administration is a clear gain for our side in the class struggle, 
>not an opening for the rulers because of their "illusions."  They 
>have not had to deal with THIS problem since the resignation of 
>Nixon thirty years ago in August. I believe that the most likely 
>variant is that the problem of growing antigovernment sentiment will 
>continue to plague the next administration, whether Bush or Kerry, 
>unless the imperialists score breakthroughs in the fights at home 
>and abroad. 
>An argument can also be made that a Kerry administration will be 
>just what the doctor ordered for a process of radicalization that is 
>still very primitive politically, as the power and almost 
>irresistible pressure of the ABB drive has shown.
>As Kennedy and Johnson educated antiracist and antiwar fighters in 
>the early 1960s, Kerry could prove the ideal teacher for even 
>broader forces.

True to a certain extent, but to what extent?  If Kennedy and Johnson 
really had educated folks beyond a layer of organizers (many of whom 
are here on this listserv), we would not have faced as much of an ABB 
drive as we have.  It's as though the struggle against the Vietnam 
War never happened for liberals and a large section of leftists, to 
say nothing of those who do not identify themselves as either.

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