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David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 18 22:37:19 MDT 2004

From:           	"Tony Abdo" <gojack10 at hotmail.com>

> Kerry sends brother to Israel to shore up the Jewish vote
> By Inigo Gilmore in Jerusalem
> John Kerry, the Democratic senator and presidential candidate, has sent his 
> brother Cameron, a Jewish convert, on a delicate political mission to Israel 
> to shore up Jewish support ahead of November's election.
> The visit, which was due to end last night, has delighted Israeli government 
> officials but has dismayed left-wing Israeli peace activists and Palestinian 
> leaders, whom Mr Kerry studiously avoided as he voiced stridently 
> pro-Israeli views on behalf of his brother.

  J. Kerry obviously  understands *one* important component of 
forging any strong presidential campaign nowadays (let alone any 
congressional and senatorial bid): pledging allegiance to Israel and 
kissing the butt of the Israeli lobby in the process. In the absence 
of the above, I imagine the odds of Kerry getting elected President 
let alone any candidate for congress in the upcoming U.S. election 
assuming office stand about about 1 zillion to 1 -- i.e. as about as 
good as Canada's chances of winning the World Cup of Football 
(soccer) in 2006. 

Getting into the good books of the Israeli lobby seems to be 
achieved in one of a number of ways: the deliverance all sorts of 
whorish pro-Israeli speeches packed with all the usual zionist 
cliches -- the security of Israel, reigning in  Palestinian terror -- 
donations to Pro-Israel organizations, putting forth a pro Israel 
policy platform, and always my favourite -- making a personal trip 
to the holy land and while there taking the farcical gratituous tour of 
the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museam in Jerusalem, symbolizing 
your complete adherance to the notion that some holocausts are 

Whatever the activity you choose, it would appear that any aspiring 
U.S. politician  that has gotten in the Israeli lobby good books will 
have the path cleared  to receive all sorts of "anonymous" 
donations from folks with Israel close to heart, all of which is helpful 
 in mounting a successful campaign . Being certified "Israeli 
friendly" also means that the  candiate in question promises if 
elected to do everything within his or her power  to protect Israel's 
brutal occupation and ongoing  genocide of Palestinians and not to 
stand as a barrier to any groups working in the U.S to facilate (or 
rather, further) these goals. Continuing to receive financial and 
ideological support from the U.S. Israeli lobby is conditional upon 
the candidate fulfilling the "obligations" expected of someone with 
"friend of Israel" status , understanding fully that breaking with 
these "obligations" may result in instantaneous suspension of 
Israel lobby support, including smear campaigns and witchhunts 
being directed against the candidate in susequent electoral bids. 

Obviously the stuff that would make any aspiring candidate to office 
in the U.S. think twice about speaking "badly" of Israel let alone 
showing any sympathy towards the plight of the Palestinians.

This whole pathetic spectacle  of kowtowing to the Israel lobby is  
something you increasingly  see nowadays even with mayoral 
candidates (e.g., Guliani in New York, Major Brown (?) in San 
Fransico), including those living outside of the United States  (e.g., 
Toronto's mayor). I imagine that if you're a Jewish candidate for 
major or congress in the U.S.-- or even a non-Jew who has in the 
past expressed "support" of  Israel-- it's probably assumed that 
you'll take on a pro-Israel position if elected to office  and therefore 
all the usual drills to get in the goods books of the Israeli lobby 
won't be required. 

Yet in the end, I imagine some sign that you are still on the same 
page or  wave length of Israel and Zionists groups in the U.S. will 
be necessary.


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