[Marxism] Million Worker March:

andypollack at juno.com andypollack at juno.com
Mon Jul 19 06:39:57 MDT 2004

Second the no apology statement. What's more I was pleasantly surprised to see WWP endorse it as they didn't initiate it!

-- gdunkel at mindspring.com wrote:
I really don't think people have to apologize for agreeing with WWP (or 
the CP or ISO or RCP or ... or ANSWER or UFPJ or ...)  As Mao said, 
let 100 flowers bloom. Anyway, I think all progressives of whatever 
tendency should come out for the MWM.

The MWM was endorsed by NEA at its convention on July 6;  it was 
introduced by a Los Angeles local at the AFT convention but did not 
make it out of committee.

Clarence Thomas attended the AFT convention as a guest, organizing for 
a kick-off meeting that the MWM had in DC at a Teamster hall during the 
AFT convention.  I had other responsibilities that kept me from going but I 
heard it was stimulating and interesting.

Since this march is going to be held on the East Coast, organizing in 
Wash-Balt-Phil-NY-Boston are going to be very important.


On 18 Jul 04, at 16:24, DHE wrote:

> NOTE from re-poster: While I have many differences with the WWP, I find I'm
> in full accord with this statement.  Doubtless it's appeared here before
> (?), but just to be sure,  here it is "otra vez":
>  -----------------------------------
> Labor rally kicks off organizing,
> Million Worker March set for October

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