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July 18. At his Lehigh Valley stop, Green presidential candidate David
Cobb stumped Pennsylvania, stumped its voters, and stumped himself.
Apparently concered at the size of the public meeting of 30 that
gathered to hear him, he declared that he would just as soon have them
vote for John Kerry than for him.  Cobb's vice presidential pick, radio
personality Patricia Lamarche has long urged voting Democratic.  In
July, the Greens nominated the Cobb-Lamarche ticket in preference to
endorsing the independent bid by Ralph Nader.

Questions linger about that nomination.  Irregularities abounded in the
standards of representation and the determining the size of delegations.
Informed sources suggest that such a Democratic junta would only have
been possible in an organization where parliamentary norms are not
standardized and are often just one step above "the talking stick."
However, there will be no resolution of this until after the campaign.

In the interim, Cobb and LaMarche will continued to campaign
forthrightly and clearly for their position, which is that the Democrats
should win the election.  In the next stage of the campaign, it is
rumored that Cobb is going to challenge himself to debate with taunting
threats to kick his own ass.


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The Morning Call 7/18


Green candidate stops in Lehigh Valley [PA]

Presidential hopeful David Cobb says he's trying to
build his party for the future.

By Kurt Blumenau of The Morning Call

At the Green Cafe in Bethlehem on Saturday
afternoon, a cramped group of about 30 people heard
perhaps the most unusual statement any presidential
candidate will make this year:

It's OK to vote for someone else.

David Cobb, Green Party nominee for president, told
supporters he will "respect" Green voters who
choose Democrat John Kerry as the most likely
person to beat Republican George W. Bush. Cobb
concedes he has practically no chance to beat Kerry
or Bush, who see Pennsylvania as a vital "swing
state" that could determine who wins.


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