[Marxism] Cancer and capitalism

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Jul 19 11:51:07 MDT 2004

one last thought:

medical electronics and database systems make nice profit centers. but 
is this the optimum way to improve health care at the moment?

the other night at 2 am i was down in an emergency room. the data 
acquisition and display systems were superb: heart rate, blood pressure, 
glucose, O2, all in nice neat plot windows for each patient in each bay. 
meanwhile the waiting room was full of lower-income people getting their 
sole access to the medical system. i was there to have a moth removed 
from my ear (it had flown in just as i was falling asleep and i couldnt 
get the damn thing out). while i was joking about my "condition", i was 
told by the admitting nurse that a common ER procedure in this city 
(Bridgeport CT: once a happening manufacturing town, long since faded) 
was removal of cockroaches from the ears of the city's residents.

les schaffer


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