[Marxism] What's New at Socialist History / July 19 2004

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The Socialist History Project 
Documenting the Revolutionary Socialist Tradition in canada

Recent additions to www.socialisthistory.ca ...

** The Revolutionary Dynamic of the National Struggle in Quebec. 
Resolution of the 1975 Convention of the LSA/LSO 

** Six articles from Workers Vanguard, 1954-61, dealing with the 
Socialist Educational League, the CCF/NDP, and the formation of the 
League for Socialist Action. 

** Three 1916 articles by Maurice Spector, written for Canadian Forward 
when he was 18 years old. (He later became Chairman of he Communist 
Party, and a founder of the canadian trotskyist movement.)

** Tim Buck's 1930 Report to the Comintern. Buck's very first account 
of the process by which he took over leadership of the communist Party 
of Canada. It contradicts everything he later wrote on the subject. 

** Revolutionary Workers League Statement of Principles. Basis of unity 
for the 1977 merger of the Groupe Marxiste Revolutionnaire, the League 
for Socialist Action/Ligue Socialiste Ouvriere, and the Revolutionary 
Marxist Group. 

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Ian Angus
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