[Marxism] ... the assault on Nader, a followup

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Mon Jul 19 18:37:00 MDT 2004

I was a little surprised to come across this attack on Nader from a NGO 
supporting government aid to stem-cell research. (Stem-cell research is 
proceeding, of course, throughout Europe and the rest of the world and 
at medical and university centers throughout the U.S. I have no idea 
what the potential percentage from U.S. government funding would be.)

This may be part of a coordinated campaign. It would be interesting to 
see what other special interest groups will be recruited to join the 
anti-Nader bandwagon and how many people will receive similar letters 
or e-mails. Perhaps it could be added to Yoshie's anti-Nader 

Brian Shannon

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